Rounda co - Semi-finished Pastry Products

Semi-finished Pastry Products

Our company ''Rounda co.'' is a Greek industry which produces pure quality semi-finished pastry products certified with ISO2200:2005 complying with the strict European standards.
Our aim is to preserve the Greek taste in all our products by offering our unique and pure home-made creations not only to the Greek market but also overseas....


Rounda co. home- made, semi-finished pastry products such as shortcut pastry tarts in different flavours,eclair,macaron,choux,puff pastry

Fresh ingredients are used for the making of our home-made ,delicious products.

Our company supports the professionals by providing them not only with a great variety of different tastes but also with the quality they demand.


We create and produce products of the highest quality and delicacy in Greece daily,made with the freshest ingredients and high quality standards. Collaborate with us today and attract prospective customers !

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The delicious and crispy pastry of our eclair meets with your own ideal filling creating a mesmerizing combination to satisfy your senses in every bite

Puff Pastry

The unique quality of our puff pastry will help you to make your sweet creations popular and we know the secret for that.

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